Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer is the recreation or sport of playing soccer whilst encased in an inflatable bubble which covers the player’s upper body and head. Bubble soccer can be played in or outdoors for children or adults want who want to have fun like when you were a kid. Not the participating type? Well, your gonna laugh just as much watching, minus the experience of being a human bumper car.
Bubble soccer is rapidly growing in popularity and is becoming the ‘go to’ activity for Birthday parties, community functions, or any event small or large.
Bent Elements offers bubble soccer packages for rent including a full size (33 by 66 ft.) inflatable arena. Whether the kids want to strap on a suit and burn energy ‘bouncing’ into each other, to a corporate event where you can appropriately take your frustrations out on a co-worker or boss, to a legit soccer game with modifications; Bent Elements can guarantee a fun-filled experience to all participants and onlookers.
Bubble soccer is, for the most part, exactly what it sounds like: full-contact soccer where each player wears a plastic bubble from thigh to head approximately five feet in diameter. The bubble itself is a souped-up version of those inflatable sumo wrestling costumes, although your hands remain inside the bubble at all times. No, seriously.
Watching bubble soccer reminds us that this planet has conditioned us to expect certain outcomes in certain situations. For example: when people run into each other, people get laid out. In bubble soccer, we expect the same outcome, but it never comes to pass. Instead, one (or both) bubble athletes fall to the ground, legs waving in the air in a desperate search for stability. Bodies fly, but everyone is safe because they’re inside a bubble.
Bubble soccer, of course, began as a lark. The idea was hatched by Norwegian comedians/television hosts Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden in 2011as a joke, which makes sense because it’s the world’s sport being played by people encased in bubbles. At first, the game didn’t really have any rules. It was basically the NFL Blitz version of soccer, with bubble-mediated contact allowed any place, any time. Want to deck a player after he releases a pass? Go for it.
Don’t like the way the bubble over there is bubbling along the field?
Destroy his shit.
Unresolved rage issues compounded by a phobia of harming others?
Welcome home, friend.


Pricing starts at $175.00 taxes included for a 2hr local rental.

Prices vary according to the size of inflatable, length of rental, distance to location, pick up or delivery, staffed or unstaffed event etc.

Please inquire for a quote for your event.

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